Remember that our desires don’t arrive on our schedule!

While reading Inspiration by Wayne Dyer, I saw where he had some essential principles to finding an inspired life and this particular principle is one I wanted to share.

Our job is to take our focus off the when and put it on being connected to our originating Spirit. Our job is to stop challenging and demanding responses from God, and instead be more like Him. Our job is to understand and accept that all of the things that show up in our life, which we often find contradictory or troublesome, are there because we’ve attracted them…we need these obstacles so that our true Spirit purpose to emerge. This will require some shift in our thinking, here is a way to do this, try affirming:

What I desire is on its way. It will arrive precisely on God’s timetable, not on mine. Everything that I’m experiencing now maybe disguised as a problem, but I know it’s a blessing. What I desire is on its way, and it’s coming to me in amounts even greater that I imagine. This is my vision and I’ll hold on to it in a state of gratitude, no matter what.


2 Replies to “Remember that our desires don’t arrive on our schedule!”

  1. Thank you for this reminder, Josy! I really–REALLY–needed it today!
    It is so easy to let our worries slide us back into a place of fear when things aren’t working exactly the way we think they should at the moment. Better to put our energy toward action and gratitude!


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