“Good” Opinions of Others

I read a section from Inspiration by Dr. Wayne Dyer that deals with being independent of the “good” opinion of others. I think it is important to share it goes like this:

Suffering the consequences of living according to someone’s wishes doesn’t make any sense; rather, we need to oppose the external opinions that try to force us to be what we’re not intended to be….Mmmmm, some food for thought, huh?

There are many well-meaning people in our lives who have ideas about what we should and shouldn’t be doing, especially relatives; they tend to be specialists in this area! If we allow them to guide us with advice that is not in keeping with our inner calling, we will suffer the anguish of an uninspired life.  When we allow the opinions and dictates of others to determine what we’re going to be, we lose sight of our objective here, which is to live an inspired life.

We need to determine for ourselves how much we’ve allowed others to decide issues such as what we do, where we live, with whom we live and even how we are treated. We need to understand that absolutely no one else truly knows and feels what we are here to accomplish, so we must give ourselves permission to hear our inner guidance and ignore the pressure from others.

Regardless of how absurd our inner calling might seem, remember it is authentically ours and it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else.

So willingness to listen and act on our inspiration, independent of the opinion of others, is imperative.

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