Let go or be dragged

Just read an article called “Let go or be dragged”, and it made me think, “Why is it so hard to let go of something that is obviously hurting us or not working?”

We refuse to release what is known because we fear the unknown. What will life be like—and who will we be—if we’re not the employee in this job … the spouse in this marriage … the person with this health problem … the victim who can’t win, and so on?

There have been plenty of times in your life when you have stubbornly clung to outworn jobs, unfulfilling relationships and unproductive behaviors simply because they had become comfortable and familiar. First you try to convince yourself that the situation was really okay, or tolerable, or destined to improve, even when your deep-down self knew better.  Working up the courage to let go of a bad situation felt a lot like running up to the edge of a cliff repeatedly until you can finally muster the will to leap over the chasm to the other side.  In the process, you endured many false starts, much self-criticism, abundant advice from others and emotional exhaustion until you finally do what you really knew you needed to do all along.

It is not a pretty picture when we resist change and are dragged into it and it is not a pleasant feeling.

And so we come to the affirmation “Let go and let God.” It is indeed frightening to let go of a current situation when we do not know what’s coming next. And yet, that is the only way to grow. There is a higher truth waiting to be expressed through us—but it can only come into being if we set our egos aside and allow it to unfold.

We are destined for so much more than the limited expression of who we are today. If we let go of that which is holding us back, we discover the truth of our being: That we are a child of God with unlimited potential and vastly untapped power, wisdom and gifts. We have within us all the clarity, all the courage and all the integrity and magnetism we need to overcome any current limitations and create something exponentially better.

We are not only worthy of that divine expression—it is why we are here.

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