Think Health

Many of us suffer from body image issues; I’m too fat, too thin, etc., I believe when we are balanced in our mind, it is reflected in our bodies. I always say “What you focus on multiplies, so why not focus on the positive?”  So the more we focus on what’s wrong with us, the more it shows up. So let’s change our habits, let’s stop “seeing” what’s “wrong” but let our thoughts be on our body being in harmony. Let us start by using the following affirmation:

I am a strong, confident, disciplined child of the Universe. I am established today in the awareness that my body is a living Temple. All the functions of my body are harmonized, and every organ is doing its perfect work in a perfect way. I am receptive and responsible this day to the Divine Intelligence within me which knows the needs of my body temple. I will eat sensibly, exercise regularly, and rest sufficiently. I am free from hidden hungers that might lead to excess in eating or drinking. The Universe’s love deep within me satisfies my longing heart and fills my soul and body with all that they require to make my life full and complete. My appetite and assimilation of food are in divine order, and my body manifests the symmetry and perfection of Divine Intelligence, whose expression I am. I see myself in the mirror of Truth, beholding the form and shape that I desire to express in my body. I see myself healthy and satisfied. Today I will think health!

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