True to Yourself

Here is something worth thinking about:

“The more you try to protect, defend, prove or explain yourself, the farther you drift from authentic confidence. If someone does not want to accept you, no sales job is sufficient, and if someone accepts you, no sales job is necessary. Likewise, if someone wants to keep you guilty, no apology is acceptable, and if someone is willing to love you, no apology is necessary.”

We need to be true to ourselves, we need to love and accept ourselves. The quickier we learn this, the happier we will be. Stop trying to get people to see things your way, if what you are doing truly please you and makes you genuinely happy, then keep doing it. The people who around will benefit from a happier you, if they don’t, then they will leave as they should:-).

Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony“….. Gandhi


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