Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.

The way you look at life is an indicator of your expectations, it is based on what you have been taught you’re worthy of and capable of achieving. These expectations come from external influences such as family, community and institutions and the internal influence of your ego. These sources of your expectations are largely based on the beliefs of limitation, scarcity and pessimism about what is possible for you. If these beliefs are the basis for how you look at life then this perception of the world is what you expect for yourself. Attracting abundance, prosperity and success from these limiting viewpoints is an impossibility.

Take an inventory of how you look at the world, asking yourself how much of your life energy is focused on explaining away potentially optimistic viewpoints by preferring to see inequities and inconsistencies in the abundance-for-all philosophy?

Can you change the way you look at things? Can you see potential for prosperity where you’ve always seen scarcity? Can you change what is by simply changing the way you see it? YES YOU CAN!!!

–  Excerpts from “The Power of Intention”, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer


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