Commit to your goals

At the beginning of a new year we have the tendency to set goals. But what we fail to understand is, that everyday, week, month, year, etc. we should set goals  and not just at the beginning of a new year. We should start this by making a commitment to ourselves. Commit to achieving our goals. This is because fulfilling promises (honouring commitments) will help us live in integrity.

If there are setbacks, on the way to our goals, don’t panic! Don’t give up! Just recommit! There is no limit on the number of times we can recommit. All we need to remember is the Universe will always help us fulfill sincere promises.

We know we can accomplish whatever we put our minds and hearts to do, because we have the Power within us. When we are divinely inspired, we find strength and resolve to accomplish our intentions, our goals.

Let us now envision the result we want and imagine the feeling of having it. Our faith and confidence will grow with each goal we achieve. Commit!


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