Let’s talk about procrastination. This is something we all are guilty of from time to time (some more than others!). It is commonly referred to as “the thief of time”, but is is it really? Or is it just the excuse we use to stall or not do something? Some of us go as far as cloaking it is the guise of “getting ready”. Yeah, you know that thing we call preparation.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with preparation, the problem arises when we are stuck in constant preparation mode! This is when we are always “preparing” to the do or get something.

We need to stop and assess and identify when the preparation is becoming or has become a procrastination strategy. This strategy is when we tell ourselves that we need to “prepare” for whatever our goals are, and we put off fulfilling  the goals because we are “preparing”. It is really a stalling tactic, a con game, and we don’t make a move because we feel we are not fully prepared or we are not ready yet.

We have to “stop the coming and come already“. We need to stop procrastinating, stop the preparing and get to it. Stop making a career out of just laying the foundation, get a move on and start building on the foundation.

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