You cannot hit a target you never set

I was in the airport the other day and saw this slogan: You cannot hit a target you never set. And it hit me (no pun intended) that how true this is about our goals.

In a previous post Commit I wrote about setting and committing to achieving goals. You have to plan the work and then work then plan. But first, let your goals be yours! Not what others approve of or how it looks, let it be solely yours. Do it because it makes you feel good! Do it because it is what you are passionate about.

Targets/goals that are not based on you but some outside influence (such as how it looks to others) can be achieved but fulfillment are short-lived if it comes at all.

You can accomplish whatsoever you put your mind and heart to, because you have the Power within you. When you are divinely inspired, you will find strength and resolve to hit your target.

Let us now set our targets, take our bows and aim those arrows, pull back and then let them fly!

2 Replies to “You cannot hit a target you never set”

  1. Right on TARGET! Today, I finally took some actions I had been avoiding. And guess what? When I did, things started happening. We have to know what we want and then DO! And, as you said, when you’re motivated for the right reasons, good things will come!


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