We have a habit of not taking people as they are but rather as they fit or don’t fit of our standards and expectations. Then we either reject them outright or we try to change them or make them over to suit our concept of what we think they should be. This gives rise to the a warped idea of “making friends”. Normally people think a friend is one who agrees with you or one who you have converted to your way, and the friendship lasts as long as he or she remains converted. But in truth, you cannot make a friend, you can only accept a friend.

First, no matter who the person may be, accept him or her as a person. The person may not be like you and may not like you. Let him or her be! You may not agree with the standards by which the person lives and works. But they are not necessarily wrong because they are different. Be willing to accept that he or she is in the flow of the creative process within. By so doing, you will stay in the awareness of the flow expressing in you and as you.

Second you need to resolve your own ego-blocked flow of love, releasing a radiant stream of forgiveness  and compassion, then you can look upon the other person with a view that says, “I know that you are not really aware of what you have done to me or even what you are doing to yourself. I bless you and see you in a flow of love that may provide a whole new kind of environment where you can relax your hostility and unblock your own frustrated flow of love… ” or something along those lines.

You may ask, what if this doesn’t work for you, well that does not mean you engage in self-destructive bitterness or anger or worry or fear. To get along in the world or with the world, you must stay in the flow of life. Sometimes the best way to get along with people is to get along without them. Let go…and walk on…

Paraphrased from “The Art of Getting Along” by Eric Butterworth


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