Top Ten Spiritual Ways to Effect Change

2013 is almost here and we start declaring that we want things to be different, but what are we willing to do that’s different?

You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results, just sit back and expect things to change without any input from you.

So if you want a change, first you need to be the change i.e. what can you do different, to get different results.

So here are the Official Top Ten Spiritual Ways to effect change, these ways will Defeat Boredom, Make Friends, Find Love, Trim Down, Shape Up, Discover Your Purpose, Make a Fortune, Shine Your Light, and any other resolution you may have made:

1. Take action.

2. Show up.

3. Lean into it.

4. Start anywhere.

5. Keep busy.

6. Get out more.

7. Ask for help.

8. Shake more hands.

9. Give more hugs.

10. Don’t stop.

So, are you ready for change?  No need to wait until New Year’s Day, start effecting change now. Follow the list above and you will be well on your way.

You have already started visualizing, haven’t you? 🙂


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