What is ‘Namaskar’?

I have people asking me all the time what is Namaskar and it gives me absolute pleasure to explain that it literally means ‘I salute the divinity in you.’

Eric Butterworth speaks about the word in his book, “Discover the Power Within You”. I especially like when he points out that we could use the word on yourselves, especially  upon waking each day: Namaskar! I salute the divinity in myself. I am strong and able. I can do all that I need to do this day. My mind is alert, my body vital and healthy, and my way will be strewn with golden opportunities. No matter what this day will bring to me, there is that in me that is great enough to meet it, overcome it, and be blessed by it. Namaskar!” (Butterworth, 55).

So let’s greet each morning with Namaskar! Take this quote place where you will always see it, remind yourself of your divinity and in the same way, greet others with it too.



Create a Life of Joy!

I have an 8 yr old, who woke up one morning, and in her words, ‘feeling like it is not going to be a great day’. I was a little perplexed at the statement so I asked why. She said she didn’t know. So I asked how was the day before, she said actually had a great day before.

This is when my mentor mode kicked in and I told her that her day will be whatever she makes it out to be, but if she needed help in making it a great day all she had to do was think about the things that made her feel good. I was sure she wasn’t going to get it, but by George… she got it!, She looked at me and her eyes and her entire face lit up and she went of saying, ‘I think I’m going to have a great day after all!’

It is amazing how sometimes all we have to do is just shift our focus and things don’t seem so bad 🙂

Many people have a standard response to the greeting, “Hello. How are you?” For some it might be, “Fine. Thanks.” But what if we changed the response to something like, “Joyful!” Wouldn’t that be shifting your focus? Changing your thoughts? Would it change the way you viewed yourself…your life?

Choose to live every day in the joy of Spirit. To help with this, one can draw on happy memories—pictures, poems and stories, whatever makes you smile and inspires you, clippings of things you have done or want to do. Choose things that delight and excite you.

So when you are not feeling joyful, tap into your happy memories and remember everything that brings you happiness. And as you string together day after joyful day, you are creating a wonderful and blessed life.


Best Worse Thing!

Ever hear the saying, “The worse best thing that ever happened to me!”?

We all have experiences where it feels like the ground underneath our feet has opened up and the world swallowed us whole. We not only lost our footing but our entire foundation crumbled around us. It may take the form of a death, an illness, loss of a relationship or job.  Or it may be as ambiguous as the loss of a dream, our innocence or an ideal. Whatever it may be, in these times we make decisions that sometimes make life feel….different and it is not usually warm and fuzzy. Let’s now think about those situations, and I ask you, would you have made the same decisions with same knowledge you had then? I guarantee that you would!

The decisions you made were based on what you knew then and we may see it as a mistake or a result of our faulty thinking. But when we shift into gratitude mode, we shift our perception and make room for the possibility that the darkness may contain the very light we were looking for. If we face the darkness with gratitude, our eyes adjust and we notice things that were hidden in the light. We discover nuances about our strengths, our abilities, and ourselves that were concealed before. Because the darkness requires us to slow down and become more focused, we discover what is important. We get down to the absolute necessities and come to discover that we have more than enough. We discover what true contentment is and what we really value. And we discover a depth to life and a Presence that we never knew before.

What is your best worse thing? When you look back on your life or at even your current situation, can you choose gratitude in this moment? Gratitude is a choice we can make at any point along the way. It is a decision to ignite the darkness with your light and to live life fully and completely in all circumstance. Now, choose gratitude, and give thanks for everything!


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