Who’s Wrong?

Have you ever encountered those people who will never admit that they did or are doing something wrong? They always have an excuse as to why it’s ok or how it is someone else’s fault?
Always on the defensive. Don’t waste your breath on telling them why they are wrong, majority will never admit to it. Their ego gets in the way of that. But the real question is, why do you NEED them to admit to their fault(s)?
Your ego is what is getting in your way! (Wayne Dyer has a wonderful acronym for ego, Edging God Out!). Your ego needs to right so someone needs to be wrong!
You sometimes feel the need to fix the “wrong” of others, to point out their “wrong”, when maybe you need to take a look at what may need fixing in YOU. You only have control over you and that is where you need to put your focus. The rest will fall into place once you start doing that.
Another way to look at is, what if they acknowledge what you see as wrong, then what? What difference does it to make to your life-situation?
Changing your perspective, changes your situation.
Whatever annoying habit someone may have, what you need to think about is why are you letting it get to you. You are the one feeling the annoyance, you are the one allowing this to happen to you. So you are also the one that can stop it.

Stop trying to place blame or getting people accept blame and focus on becoming a better you!

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