Finding the ‘right’ person/relationship

Everyone wants to find that special someone, but before that can happen ask yourself, how special do you think you are? Don’t think you are that special? Then how can you expect to find a special someone when you don’t consider yourself to be special? Special here is not referring to egotistical boasting, it is referring to how valuable you are to YOU!

How can somebody be right for you, when you aren’t even right for yourself? If you are not comfortable with yourself it is highly unlikely that being with someone will make you comfortable! As a matter of fact, the unease will show up and you will more than likely blame your partner for it.

So before finding the ‘right’ person, you need to be at ease with the here and now and become at ease with yourself.
You need to have a loving relationship with yourself in order to have one with someone else!
Most people have ideas of what their ideal relationship(s) would be like, but most people don’t get that kind of relationship and they wonder why.
My question is “is the kind of relationship you want, the kind of relationship you are having with yourself?”.


One Reply to “Finding the ‘right’ person/relationship”

  1. Is it that most of us do not realize that we can have a relationship with ourself? Hence we do not spend the time to develop it as it may be seen as a sign of madness?


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