Powerful Thinking 2020

I wrote an article some years about “Powerful Thinking” (those who have been following me for years may remember it) and I do believe now is the time to republish it. So for those who never saw it and for those who need a reminder, here is “Powerful Thinking 2020”.

Powerful Thinking

Did you know that when we are afraid of something happening, we actually attract it? This is because of the amount of emotion and persistent focus we invest in the fear is powerful. We need to remove the personal investment from fear of what we don’t want to happen and now use that powerful energy and direct it at what we really want to happen.

Do you think, that if we realized that our thoughts became the things and events of our life, if we began believing that we were truly unlimited; and started to grasp that divine intervention could be freely summoned to help make our dreams come true, that we would continue doing the same old things, living the same old life, and waiting for the same old miracles?

Or would we begin thinking things we have never thought before, saying things we have never said before, and doing things we have never done before?
This is the “test” all must pass. Not to prove anything to anyone but to ourselves.
No matter what you have been thinking or feeling, your power to create something new is NOW!
So let us all start focusing our energies in the positive direction. Let us create the life that we want!

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