Goal Setting: Why bother?

Questions: Have you ever set any goals and achieved them? How many? How many goals have you set and never achieved them?

Many people think goal setting doesn’t work, and very quickly become demotivated when pursuing their goals. The thing is goal setting works and will work for everyone who uses it properly. Let’s take for instance when we were children…as a child there was always something you wanted and you literally would do anything to get it. Can you remember any such time? It could be something as simple as wanted to go out and play with your friends and your parents said no…you figured out a way to make it happen…goal setting with motivation at work.

There were times also when your goals were set for you, for instance, when you parents said you couldn’t hang with your friends until you cleaned your room…goal setting and motivation again at work. And hidden inside these seemingly simple goals were things to help you hone your time management skills. And you thought you couldn’t master goal setting. You have been exposed to goal setting, albeit subconsciously, all your life.

All you need to do is to now consciously use this goal setting power. There several ways to this, I will just give you an effective one that has worked for me, unfortunately, one size does not fit all so you must find the one that works for you:

  • Define your major goals
  • Prioritize the goals
  • Break the goals into small goals such as quarterly goals or monthly goals
  • And then get more granular and set daily goals – With this method you set goals that can be achieved daily. This forces you to work on your time management skills. These goals may be directly or indirectly related to the major goals. Achieving these daily goals are the stepping stones to achieving your major goals and the sense of accomplishment will motivate you to want keep going.

It is said that if you repeat something, consistently, for 21 days or more it will become a habit, so let’s start setting goals today, right now.

You have what it takes to set and achieve your goals, but you would do it faster with a coach, feel free to contact me and let me help you reach that goal sooner than later.


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