Create a Life of Joy!

I have an 8 yr old, who woke up one morning, and in her words, ‘feeling like it is not going to be a great day’. I was a little perplexed at the statement so I asked why. She said she didn’t know. So I asked how was the day before, she said actually had a great day before.

This is when my mentor mode kicked in and I told her that her day will be whatever she makes it out to be, but if she needed help in making it a great day all she had to do was think about the things that made her feel good. I was sure she wasn’t going to get it, but by George… she got it!, She looked at me and her eyes and her entire face lit up and she went of saying, ‘I think I’m going to have a great day after all!’

It is amazing how sometimes all we have to do is just shift our focus and things don’t seem so bad 🙂

Many people have a standard response to the greeting, “Hello. How are you?” For some it might be, “Fine. Thanks.” But what if we changed the response to something like, “Joyful!” Wouldn’t that be shifting your focus? Changing your thoughts? Would it change the way you viewed yourself…your life?

Choose to live every day in the joy of Spirit. To help with this, one can draw on happy memories—pictures, poems and stories, whatever makes you smile and inspires you, clippings of things you have done or want to do. Choose things that delight and excite you.

So when you are not feeling joyful, tap into your happy memories and remember everything that brings you happiness. And as you string together day after joyful day, you are creating a wonderful and blessed life.


Best Worse Thing!

Ever hear the saying, “The worse best thing that ever happened to me!”?

We all have experiences where it feels like the ground underneath our feet has opened up and the world swallowed us whole. We not only lost our footing but our entire foundation crumbled around us. It may take the form of a death, an illness, loss of a relationship or job.  Or it may be as ambiguous as the loss of a dream, our innocence or an ideal. Whatever it may be, in these times we make decisions that sometimes make life feel….different and it is not usually warm and fuzzy. Let’s now think about those situations, and I ask you, would you have made the same decisions with same knowledge you had then? I guarantee that you would!

The decisions you made were based on what you knew then and we may see it as a mistake or a result of our faulty thinking. But when we shift into gratitude mode, we shift our perception and make room for the possibility that the darkness may contain the very light we were looking for. If we face the darkness with gratitude, our eyes adjust and we notice things that were hidden in the light. We discover nuances about our strengths, our abilities, and ourselves that were concealed before. Because the darkness requires us to slow down and become more focused, we discover what is important. We get down to the absolute necessities and come to discover that we have more than enough. We discover what true contentment is and what we really value. And we discover a depth to life and a Presence that we never knew before.

What is your best worse thing? When you look back on your life or at even your current situation, can you choose gratitude in this moment? Gratitude is a choice we can make at any point along the way. It is a decision to ignite the darkness with your light and to live life fully and completely in all circumstance. Now, choose gratitude, and give thanks for everything!


Be Happy Now!

Did you know that the single most effective piece of advice ever given to anyone who wanted a life partner, is the exact same single most effective piece of advice ever given to anyone who wanted to live in prosperity?!

Which also happens to be the single most effective piece of advice ever given to anyone who wished to discover their purpose, foster peace on earth, improve their health, or dance Gangnam Style?!

And that advice is…….Drum roll please…….. “Be happy now!

Top Ten Spiritual Ways to Effect Change

2013 is almost here and we start declaring that we want things to be different, but what are we willing to do that’s different?

You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results, just sit back and expect things to change without any input from you.

So if you want a change, first you need to be the change i.e. what can you do different, to get different results.

So here are the Official Top Ten Spiritual Ways to effect change, these ways will Defeat Boredom, Make Friends, Find Love, Trim Down, Shape Up, Discover Your Purpose, Make a Fortune, Shine Your Light, and any other resolution you may have made:

1. Take action.

2. Show up.

3. Lean into it.

4. Start anywhere.

5. Keep busy.

6. Get out more.

7. Ask for help.

8. Shake more hands.

9. Give more hugs.

10. Don’t stop.

So, are you ready for change?  No need to wait until New Year’s Day, start effecting change now. Follow the list above and you will be well on your way.

You have already started visualizing, haven’t you? 🙂


Stop Limiting Yourself

Limiting yourself so others won’t feel bad about their lives & choices is an excuse. How dare you be less than your very best?– Paula Renaye, Hardline Self Help Tweet-able Tough Love Quotes Diomo Books.

Many of us put limitations on ourselves because we don’t want to seem as if we are bragging. We down play ourselves because we are told that society doesn’t like a show-off. We hide our talent.

Now there is a big difference between showing–off and letting your genius shine.

Showing-off is telling everyone how good you are or letting everyone know that you are great at what you do by pointing it out every chance you get. While letting your genius shine is just being your authentic self, by doing so, whatever it is you are good at will show (no flashing lights necessary).

If you are good at something, why should you not show it, just because others will feel inadequate? Their feelings are exactly that….THEIRS! Not YOURS!

So stop limiting yourself and let your genius shine, you are limitless!

“No one can ever be more by your being less.” – Paula Renaye, Hardline Self Help Tweet-able Tough Love Quotes. Diomo Books.

Tell The TRUTH!

Here is some food for thought:

According to an ancient Hindu teaching, if you can only speak the truth and tell no lies—either miniscule or outrageous—for 12 consecutive years, you can attain enlightenment. I guess many of you are saying “oh well I guess I will never be enlightened” ha, ha.

But seriously, most of us perceive ourselves to be honest and forthright, never intentionally lying, but most of us have been taught through life’s experience to mask our true thoughts, pad our words, or simply avoid a response. We attempt to convince ourselves that a “little white lie” doesn’t matter.

The spiritual truth is: Everything matters.

Many people, however, are unclear as to what the truth is, because they haven’t told the truth to themselves for so long that they no longer recognize what the truth is. They say it doesn’t matter, when it does; convincing themselves that no one will notice or everyone cheats just a little. All such justifications are negative, even inferior, thoughts and behaviors.
A spiritual principle known to always be true is: The truth will always emerge. And when you tell the truth, there is a whole lot less to remember. 🙂

A noble being will always tell the truth. Do you? Begin now with the first step of simply noticing if you do tell the truth immediately, or if your first instinct is to pad or alter the facts a bit.

If you notice you are regularly withholding the complete truth, resolve today to be honest especially with yourself. Know it is safe to be truthful. Like many lifestyle changes, resolve to tell the truth one day at a time.

Hey, I never said it was easy but look at it this way after 4,383 days you just may become enlightened.

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We need enemies!

Sounds weird, huh? But we do need enemies. They serve us well, especially by keeping us alert to whatever weak spots in our character that may provide an opening for them to damage us.

Enemies will look to find your flaws and highlight them (be it though for their own gain).

Friends (all well meaning) would not do that, they would consider your feelings (God bless them) but that will not help you to fix the flaws. You cannot fix what you don’t know!

So welcome your enemies with open arms, they are the ones will help you improve and grow! Bless your enemies today!

We have to let you go

There was a cartoon showing a tomato stalk with several tomatoes growing on it, at various stages of development. One tomato got large and ripe. The tomato stalk says to the ripe tomato, “We have to let you go.” The title of the cartoon was Layoffs at the Plant.

The profound nature of the cartoon is that the large tomato is ripe to be picked. Of course the plant has to let it go because it has no further purpose on the stalk. If it stays, it will rot and die. If it leaves, it will serve its next purpose.

The cartoon is a fabulous metaphor for why and when we need to be let go from a job, relationship, living situation, or any station of life. Life is not cruelly kicking you out of a place you still need to be. It is moving you on to where you really need to be for your joy and the gifts you can offer. You may think you are being cast aside, unfairly treated, or victimized, but there is a far bigger plan unfolding than meets the eye. You have completed your purpose where you have been, and your journey is about to reveal a new vista. That’s why we have to let you go. The “we” is not your boss or your lover. It is the wise and loving collective Universe.

When it’s time to let something go, the Universe will let you know. If you get laid off or your landlord sells the house or your lover leaves, worry not. There is a reason for the change, and something better is in store. The more energy you spend complaining or resisting the change, the harder your transition will be, and the longer it will take your next good to show up. Define the current change as good and helpful, and your next rewarding position will appear more quickly, easily and naturally. … To think there is only one moment of good for you in your life, and when it’s gone, it’s gone, is to see the universe through incredibly narrow blinders. Life is more like a square dance or a Sufi dance where you enjoy one connection for a while, and then you move on to another great one. … Sure, there are layoffs at the plant. But the plant of life has roots that spread far beyond the stem the eyes can see.

Paraphrased from We Have to Let You Go by Alan Cohen

Inner Compass

Pain means you are going off course,

Joy means  you are on course.

These are the needles on your inner compass!

Normally when a part of your body hurts, you usually stop what ever is causing the pain and/or remove the source of the pain, don’t you? And anything that is pleasurable we usually keep on doing it.

Well, same goes for your life.

If you are currently doing something or in something that is causing you pain, i.e. it is not bringing you joy, that is your inner compass warning you that you are off course.

So listen to your inner compass (your instincts) and let it point you to your joy and away from the pain!

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