Step Out of the Comfort Zone

The time has come for us to step out of our comfort zone. To go after what scares us and excites us at the same time.  That thing that makes pit of our stomachs quiver, now is the time. We have spent time finding excuses as to why we can’t (and those are innumerable), now let’s look at the benefits if we do this thing.

We have dreamt it, now its time to believe it, feel it and go for it. It is time we realized that the comfort zone is not so comfortable after all. Let yourself feel what it would be like to live your dream and you will realize how uncomfortable you really are in your comfort zone.

So today let’s step out of the comfort zone and see what you know to be true, be free!

Getting What You Want!

What do I want to write about?  What is important to talk about? How about getting what you want?

Everyone says they deserve the best, but how many of us truly believe it? Clearly not a lot, and it is evident in the number of poor and unhappy people in the world. Most of us feel guilty about having things, we feel selfish if we go after what we want, we hide behind what other people think and what they perceive us to be. Some of are even indoctrinated into thinking that having money is a sin! (The people without usually come up with this).

We need to step out of our comfort zone, go for what we want and know that we deserve it and we WILL get it, the doors will open and what we really and truly want will become clear and answers/solutions  will be right there.

Affirmation: I am in tune with the Infinite and I can do what needs to be done. Through the power that dwells within me I can succeed, I can overcome, I can be what I want to be.

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