Your Authentic Self

Stop wearing the masks, stop defining yourself to everyone and especially yourself and stop letting others define you. You will actually start living the minute you stop doing that. Too many of us spend our lives living the way others think we should live/be. It is very tiring because everybody has their own opinion of how you should live/be. So to please these people you have to keep changing the masks.

Don’t get hung up on how people define you because when they define you, they are limiting themselves and that is their problem, not yours. But if you accept their definition of you then you are limiting yourself. So when you are interacting with others, take off the masks or don’t put on any, stop the role playing and be your true authentic self. When we wear masks and play roles we are saying who we are, is not good enough!

Today let’s take of the masks, stop playing the roles, let our true selves shine! Be your authentic self!

Think Positive!

Any idea that is deliberately fixed in the mind, or any idea that is permitted to set itself up in the mind, as the result of suggestion, environment, the influence of associates, etc., is sure to cause us to indulge in acts which conform to the nature of the idea.

——– Hill, Napolean. The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons

In other words,  law of attraction. Whatsoever you focus on multiplies, is what I always say. So whatever you are in the habit of thinking and talking about with materialize in different ways, shape and/or form.

So let us form the habit of thinking and talking about that which is positive and beneficial to us. For instance, instead of thinking and speaking lack and poverty, let us focus on prosperity and abundance, and very soon evidence of these things will manifest themselves in the form of new and unexpected opportunities.

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