Just Be YOU!

Here’s something we need to remember:

Be yourself, your authentic self, no matter the circumstance or situation. The more you try to protect, defend, prove, or explain yourself, the farther you drift from authentic confidence, in short, the less “you” you become.  If someone does not want to accept you, no sales job is sufficient, and if someone accepts you, no sales job is necessary. Likewise, if someone wants to keep you guilty, no apology is acceptable, and if someone is willing to love you, no apology is necessary.

Just be YOU!

PS. No apology necessary, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t 🙂


Harmonious Relationships

“When two or more persons ally themselves in any undertaking, in a spirit of harmony and understanding, each person in the alliance thereby multiplies his own powers of achievement. Nowhere is this principle more evidenced than it is in an industry or business in which there is perfect team-work between the employer and the employees. Wherever you find this team-work you find prosperity and goodwill on both sides.”

Hill, Napolean. The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons.

Profound words, Napolean Hill may have used it in terms of business, but it is clear that it is true in every single relationship that you have, had or will ever have. The second a relationship stops being harmonious and misunderstanding shows up , is the very second that relationship starts heading toward to failure-ville.

It is with this in mind that we should seek to be in harmonious relationships and remove ourselves from those that aren’t. If there is not true alliance, the relationship WILL NOT work, no matter how you pretend! Let go of relationships that aren’t working, and I do mean ALL relationships that aren’t working.  No matter who the relationship is with, let it go if it is not harmonious.  It may not be easy to do but if you want to be successful at anything, you need harmonious relationships.

Relationships that are not built in or on harmony saps each participants energy.

So take a look at all your relationships, which of them aren’t harmonious and you need to let go of? The very second you identify them, start shedding them!

This will open up room for the harmonious ones, which will then help you in your achievements!

Josyanne Chambers, MSc, CPC, CWLC
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