Ok, so you have been given another day, what are you going to do with it? Maybe one of your questions to finding out what to do with it, is to ask  “Do I like where I am?”

If you don’t like where you are, does that mean you are condemned to stay there? Are you also condemned to constantly do penance for where you are? Absolutely not. …

Often what keeps you stuck and continually doing penance, is the very feeling that you must pay for your lack of action. You become caught in a circle of self-blame, condemnation, feel hopeless, and feed the fire—or slow burn—by reciting like a mantra your history of inertia and self-judged wrong choices. Well, let’s use this day, right now, to break that dead-end cycle of waste and regret.

Today, let’s to stop the incessant self-judgments and accept yourself on a new basis—to accept that every moment of your life has been part of an all-encompassing Purpose, and that this Purpose proceeds by divine order.

When you acknowledge the workings of divine order, you see your life not as a consummate failure but as an evolving, orderly progression. Even though you may not see the purpose of each event, meeting or happening at a given moment, each piece fits.

Become freer from the self-defeating thoughts and labels that have kept you down. You’ll start to shed your old habits of negating yourself and ease gently into the splendid “clothes” of deserving. In these new “clothes” you’ll begin to blossom and develop your talents and abilities, as you’ve always secretly known you could.

Now use this new day to create new thought patterns, to be productive and to be free!


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