Who’s with me?

I woke up with fear and anxiety. Anxiety over everything, how am I going to pay the bills, how can I kick start my business and so on and so forth. But am I going to let it kill me? No, I will embrace it. Why? Well it is funny, I post these daily quotes and well today’s quote was a true nudge from the Universe:

11 Inspiring Quotes About New Beginnings | The Lotus Mama (With ...

How appropriate is this?

Also, I received a video from Eckhart Tolle group, which speaks to transforming fear and anxiety. Can the Universe shout it any louder to me? I hear you Universe, I hear you.

So how do I “embrace” the anxiety and transform it?

First, become very present, because at this very moment what has past or what may or may not happen in the future is irrelevant. Take a deep breath and become completely aware that all you have is right Now. Take another deep breath and just release all the tension, become aware of your surroundings. Especially now, when you can hear the birds and smell the fresh air.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, this is no magical or quick fix, the answers may or may not coming flooding in, but trust me you will be relaxed and in a better state of mind to take on the whatever is waiting for you. And like the last line of the quote, “Anything is possible”.

So here I go today, trusting the wait, embracing the uncertainty, enjoying the becoming and definitely believing that anything is possible! Who’s with me?


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